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3 Arch Rocks National Wildlife Refuge and Oceanside Beach - #32 of 101 Things to do on the Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast Activities near Sandlake Country Inn
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3 Arch Rocks and Oceanside Beach - #32 of Oregon Coast Activities

Oregon Coast activities near Sandlake Country Inn
View of 3 Arch Rocks from Cape Meares

Located along the 3 Capes Scenic Route in Tillamook County between Cape Meares and Cape Lookout, Oceanside and the 3 Arch Rocks Wildlife Refuge is located in a tiny hamlet with big views, beautiful beaches and an intriguing tunnel.   

In 1926 a block-long tunnel through Maxwell Point was built. It connects Oceanside beach with other beaches to the north, including Lost Boy Cave, and Short Beach and Radar Road, where an Infantry Signal Corps was stationed during World War II. Landslides closed the tunnel in 1979, but concrete extensions opened it up again, and a March 1999 a storm cleaned the tunnel out so thoroughly that it resembled that of the 1930s. 

Oregon Coast Activities near Sandlake Country Inn
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To get to the tunnel, just walk a little north from the beach entrance in downtown Oceanside. You'll see a sign warning you about falling rocks, so you don't want to hang around the opening of either side of the tunnel, but don't let it stop you!

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Diane Emineth,
Sandlake Country Inn
Oregon Coast Activity #32, From our blog series "101 Things To Do On The Oregon Coast".
Day trips from Sandlake Country Inn

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