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Oregon Coast Tide Pools - #12 of 101 Things To Do On The Oregon Coast

Oregon coast tide pools are filled with beautifully unique animals showing off many colors, shapes and sizes. The best time to go tide pooling is one to two hours before the low tide. That gives you plenty of time to explore before the tide starts coming back in. All these tide pools are close to Sandlake Country Inn or an easy day trip.

Tide pooling can be very dangerous, especially in areas that you are not familiar with. Have a great time, enjoy nature, but always be aware of your surroundings. The Oregon coast beaches can be dangerous, especially in the winter. Be very aware of the tides, sneeker waves can be deadly. NEVER keep your back to the surf and don't play on the logs. If a sneaker wave comes, it will pick that log up like a toothpick and can land on you.

The following is a list of favorite tide pool areas on the North Oregon Coast:

Seaside Beach - The Cove (south end): Explore around the large rocks at low tide, but BE CAREFUL, this area is known for sneaker waves.

Ecola State Park: Indian Beach - There is a path down to the beach and there are tide pools at the south end. Find more info about Ecola State Park

Haystack Rock - Canon Beach: One of the best places along the coast. You can find an array of creatures such as sea stars, hermit crabs, anemones, purple shore crabs, limpets, sea cucumbers and an array of birds, including puffins. More about Haystack Rock

Canon Beach Tide Pools

Hug Point State Park: Be sure to explore the entire area here. It has sea caves, a waterfall and even the old road that was blasted out of the rock that enabled the old Model T's and horses to get over the point dating from the early part of the 20th century. While here, be very aware of the tide. You don't want to get stranded when exploring the point. Learn more about Hug Point

Arcadia State Park:  Located just 2 miles south of Canon Beach, the tide pools are at the north end of the park. More about Arcadia State Park

Oswald West State Park - Short Sands Beach: Popular with surfboarders and boogie boarders, the beach is always alive with activity. More about Short Sands Beach

Barview Jetty - Barview Jetty Park: Beach access with rocky areas and a few scattered tide pools

Oceanside: Head north and go through the tunnel to find the secret beach on the other side. Viewable on extreme negative tides.

Oceanside Tide Pool

Cape Lookout State Park: If you walk from the park south to the base of the cape there are tide pools all along the base of the cape. Explore this area only when there are calm conditions. More about Cape Lookout State Park.

Pacific City: At the base of Cape Kiwanda, there is a small area of great tide pools when conditions are calm and there are negative tides.

Lincoln City: Long stretches of sandy beaches make tide pools scarce in this area but you can find some at the ramp of NW 15th St. where there are some rocky areas.

Devil's Punchbowl Marine Gardens: A little north of the punchbowl structure there is a small beach that features a variety marine gardens. Follow the trailhead at the north end of the parking lot. More about Devil's Punchbowl Marine Gardens

Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area: Walk down the steps to the natural area below the light house. Watch your steps because this area is very rocky and slippery, but you'll be able to see an amazing array of wildlife. More on the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area

Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area Tide Pools

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