Thursday, December 31, 2009

Big Possibilities in 2010

I want to introduce you to this wonderful organization. North Coast Land Conservancy (NCLC) has been working since 1986 as a land trust with citizens, agencies and municipalities to preserve some of the most precious and sensitive land along the north Oregon coast. NCLC has more than 25 fee title (owned by NCLC) conservation lands, totaling over 680 acres are preserved in perpetuity. They also hold conservation easements on more than 349 acres.

We are very excited to have been in close communication with Neal Main who is the Conservation Director for NCLC, due to their interest in acquiring sensitive wetlands near Sandlake Country Inn. If the acquisition goes through, the land will be protected in perpetuity.

In 2009 North Coast Land Conservancy closed on four conservation properties totaling more than 250 acres that will be protected forever. These areas ranged from a 1.5-acre tidal marsh along the Necanicum River in Seaside—one of the last remaining undisturbed marshes on the Necanicum—to an 80-acre Sitka spruce forest in Nehalem Bay. Seventy acres of estuarine wetland forest, 100 acres of coastal prairie, and more than a mile of beachfront dunes and forests were added to the network of conservation and natural resource lands this year.

With all of our support, North Coast Land Conservancy can continue to protect some of the most sensitive areas of our wonderful and diverse coast. With your end-of-year gift, North Coast Land Conservancy will be poised to accomplish more in 2010 and will continue to take stewardship of these natural lands very seriously.

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