Thursday, August 20, 2009

Staying at a Bed and Breakfast - What to Expect (Part One)

One of the great things about bed and breakfasts is that they are all different. One of the confusing things about bed and breakfasts is that they are all different!

At Sandlake Country Inn a lot of our guests have never stayed at a B&B before and don't know quite what to expect. Well, first of all, you can relax. Literally! This is a place you come to leave the stress of jobs, kids, traffic and sleepless nights behind.

The old image of a B&B with shared baths and the feeling that you'll be staying in "Aunt Jane's room" is not what you'll find in today's modern B&Bs. When you stay with us, don't be afraid to sit on the furniture and put your feet up!

Here's how we're a bit different than your traditional bed and breakfast. When you stay with us you will have affordable luxury with new comfortable beds, jacuzzi bath tubs, fireplaces, private decks, high end soaps, lotions and bubble bath, robes and slipper socks. Oh yeah, and the most important part...breakfast is delivered to your door! That's right! Forget about having to sit around a breakfast
table with a bunch of strangers. We'll deliver your hot beverage of choice along with juice an hour before your breakfast. Don't worry, your hot beverage is in a caraffe and will be hot and steamy when you're ready for it. Enjoy lounging in your romantic room after a good night's sleep and opening your door to find our own home roasted coffee, tea or hot cocoa on a silver tray. Later, your hot 4 course sumptuous breakfast will be delivered to your door. Our breakfast elves knock to let you know it's arrived and when you open your door they will magically be gone! It's all about you and your loved one. No chatty chit chat to deal with. Enjoy your home cooked breakfast at your leisure.

After breakfast, indulge yourself with a luxurious bubble bath in one of our amazing Jacuzzi tubs! Add some of our special fragrance bubble bath, but watch out! Only a couple of drops or you'll have more bubbles than you've ever experienced.

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Anonymous said...

I actually have never been to a B&B. And really home that my husband can come to yours someday soon. Thanks for all the info you are sharing with us.

Diane & Ron said...

Thanks for your comment. We would be honored to have your first stay at a b&b with us! Keep watching our posts on Facebook and hopefully we'll be able to answer any questions or apprehensions you or your husband might have!

Shirley B said...

It's hard to chose a "best part" for your B&B, Diane, but if my arm were twisted just a tiny bit, I'd say the "at your door" breakfast delivery is the tops! No getting presentable to talk to strangers, no chatter before coffee, bathrobes on the deck - couldn't ask for better!
PS My review is the "Private and Romantic Every Time" showing on the page! :-)

Diane & Ron said...

I agree with you Shirley. I truly love delivering breakfast to our guest's door! The many years I traveled for both work and pleasure, one of my favorite things was room service. I always felt pampered and special. I want all of our guests to feel that way too!

Thanks for the wonderful review!! How cool is it that it's showing on the same page as your comment!