Saturday, August 15, 2009

Aspiring Innkeeper Seminar Dates Announced

October 18-21, 2009
Are you an aspiring innkeeper at heart? Ever said "I'd love to have a B&B one day"?

Come and join us for our Aspiring Innkeeper Workshop October 18-21 at the beautiful Eagle Rock Lodge near Eugene, Oregon.

Being an innkeeper and having your own bed and breakfast is a wonderful, rewarding profession. Find out what life as an innkeeper is really like. Many people right now are in transition. The economy has forced many people to re-evaluate not only your jobs, but maybe even your life goals. Home based business are on the rise, and you can't get any more "home based" than a B&B!

Having a B&B and being successful takes a lot of time and commitment. It's not just being a gracious host/hostess and meeting wonderful people. It's a business, and like any other business you need to have a business plan, financing, marketing, and the education to make it a success.

Join Diane Emineth of Sandlake Country Inn and Debbie Dersham of Eagle Rock Lodge for this important seminar that could just change your life. Some of the topics covered are:
  • Pros and cons of purchasing an existing B&B or start one yourself
  • How to develop a business plan
  • Financing - How much does it take?
  • What to look for when buying an inn - profit & loss/future potential
  • How to explore financing options
  • Once you have your B&B, now what?
  • "Build it and they will come"...not anymore! Find out how to get "heads in beds". We emphasize learning about website design, marketing, PR, photography and how to create an internet presence.
To learn more about our seminars, visit our Bed and Breakfast Seminars website

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