Monday, December 15, 2008

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!!

If you live anywhere in the northwest, you're are experiencing the "Arctic Blast" along with us! It doesn't snow very often on the Oregon coast, but when it does, it's spectacular. This is the tree right across the road from us in front of the inn.

Sunday it started snowing and turned Sandlake Country Inn into a winter wonderland.

Our dog Sandy always loves playing in the snow! She's a lab, malamute, Australian Shepard mix, so her malamute comes out at the first sign of snow. The first time she experienced snow was a few years ago here at the Inn and she actually started making her version of snow angels! She laid down, put her nose in the snow and started pushing the snow around.

If you haven't stayed with us before, you'll have to come and meet Sandy, our official meeter and greeter. She's not allowed in any of the guest areas inside, but she loves to show you how sweet and gentle she is when you're in her favorite playground.....the grounds of our property. She can ev
en show you where the beaver dam is. Ron and Sandy take a stroll most every night in search of Mr. Beaver. There's a beaver family in the creek on the west side of our property (not the creek by the Cottage).

Unfortunately, the snow has mostly turned to ice now and we're looking forward to the temperatures rising one of these days and getting back to normal. Come and join us on the beautiful Oregon Coast in the never know what to expect!

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