Monday, July 28, 2008

"Chippy" The Wonder Squirrel

This summer our guests have had quite an amusing time watching both the chipmunks and squirrels feast on what is supposed to be bird food! We have bird feeders in numerous trees and posts which the chipmunks and squirrels scamper up, fill their cheeks to the bursting point then run the terrifying task of bringing it back to their home without our dog Sandy laying a trap for them.

Today, a very persistent squirrel was sitting at our back door waiting for an invitation to come into the kitchen. Needless to say we shooed him off, but it reminds me of a story which happened last year.

Ron was sitting at the computer in our little office area of the kitchen, when he heard a noise. He looked up and to his surprise there was a squirrel poking his head up and over from the inside edge of one of our food buckets! He was inside the bucket of about 10 pounds of chocolate chips! I think Ron was just as startled as the little squirrel. Ron said "What are you doing here? You're not supposed to be in here....get outta here!" Well, he listened to Ron and the little guy jumped out of the bucket and ran out the back door where the screen was a little loose! We couldn't believe it....he had actually eaten his way through the thick top lid of the bucket (one of those Tillamook Ice Cream buckets you get at the cheese factory) and was eating all the chocolate chips stored inside. Now, I've heard of chocolate cravings, but this guy was hooked!

The story doesn't end here. The next day I was sitting at the same computer when I heard an unusual sound. I got up and looked at the back door and guess who was trying to get back in for another chocolate chip party! Yup, the same squirrel, but this time all he found was a tight screen that was fixed. He was scratching, trying to get in. I shooed him away and I thought it was all over. No such chance...this little guy needs a 12 step program for his chocolate addiction. About an hour later, you guessed it, I was sitting at that same computer and this time I heard a very strange noise coming from the main entry room of the inn. I got up to check, and this addicted squirrel was on his hind legs scratching at the glass on the front door!!! He wanted his chocolate and somehow figured out both doors. Well, I really chased him away and threatened him with letting Sandy catch him and we didn't see him again after that.

So...what do you think the chances are that the squirrel that appeared at our back door today was the same one from a year ago? I know it's a long shot, but sure makes for some good speculation. Personally, I'm going to name him "Chippy"!!!!!!

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