Thursday, May 1, 2008

Aspiring Innkeepers &"Wouldn't It Be Fun to Have a B&B?"

If I had a dollar for every time I heard that phrase, I truly would be rich! Don't get me wrong, we definitely have fun and a wonderful lifestyle, but if you really knew how much work went into having a B&B you would never be heard uttering that phrase.

Like all businesses, some B&Bs fail. In my experience, those that fail do so because the innkeeper didn't do their research. Some are ill prepared for the reality of not only cooking and cleaning and greeting guests, but also the major tasks of marketing, PR, guest relations, networking with your community and exactly how do you get those "heads in beds" and keep them coming back!

I've had the wonderful opportunity in the past several years to mentor aspiring innkeepers and find it very rewarding. For 4 years we've worked closely with VocationVacations as a mentor. If you're thinking of changing careers and want some hands on experience, check out Vocation Vacations and "test drive your dream job".

This summer we will have an aspiring innkeeper intern working side-by-side with us! We are honored that Annette has chosen to intern with us this summer. After many offers from B&Bs all over the U.S., Annette decided to spend June, July & August with us to learn first hand what life is like as an innkeeper.

After meeting Annette in person a few weeks ago when all of us were attending the PAII (Professional Association of Innkeepers International) convention in Anaheim, CA we knew that she would be a perfect addition. We're looking forward to helping Annette figure out if her dream will/can become a reality.

I'm sure we'll be posting here often about Annette's experiences, so especially if you're an aspiring innkeeper, stay tuned!


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