Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Who, Me???

There's a thief amongst us!

Sandy, our official meet and greet mascot has made many friends over the years here at Sandlake Country Inn. While not allowed in any guest areas, Sandy still is able to make many friends who look forward to seeing her each visit. Well, maybe not one couple who just left! After packing up their car to leave, they decided to take a little tour of the Cottage. When we got back into the parking area we noticed that their car door was open and laying on the ground outside the door was an empty restaurant food container on the ground. Our not so little "vacuum cleaner" who will eat anything found the leftover cake on the seat of their car and helped herself!! Hey, I guess she figures that anything in her reach is fair game. Fortunately, our guests had a great sense of humor about their loss. Don't worry, we'll give them some extra Sandlake Country Inn cookies on their next visit to make up for it.

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