Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sandlake Country Inn & Hummingbirds

It's great to be back home from the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild Conference. As soon as I got back here to Sandlake Country Inn, I heard that familiar sound......whoosh....the sound of those happy hummingbirds. After our terrible December wind storm, we couldn't find a hummingbird anywhere. The past couple of years they've been staying here all winter, but with the hurricane force winds we got in December they must have been blown far away from here. All of a sudden our little friends came back to eat our special hummingbird food. Then they must have told all their friends, because the number of hummingbirds around here are astounding this spring! They especially love the huge camillia "tree" which is now blooming. This "tree" is over 100 years old and is nearly as tall as our 2 story farm house. Especially in the afternoon you can hear the hummers buzzing all in the "tree". It's amazing!

Spring is starting to finally arrive. The bluebells are blooming and the lilacs are just about ready. I don't know about you, but I'm really ready for some sunny warmer weather. We've been working in the yard and have a new cedar arbor with a bench in the back yard so that the old native roses have another place to show off their splendor. They have one bloom all year and usually bloom late June & early July. Be sure to plan a visit!


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